We have shown how to make SVG files to sell on Etsy, including software options (paid and free), how to create simple designs on Illustrator, and how to open an Etsy shop and upload your files. Expand your new business by adding more files in different formats, from product designs and woodworking plans to children’s education content. Our streamlined processes allow us to https://deveducation.com/ deliver your vectorized images quickly, without compromising on quality. Our efficient workflow allows us to deliver your vectorized images promptly without compromising on quality. We use cutting-edge software and tools to perform raster to vector conversions. This ensures that your images are transformed efficiently and accurately, meeting the highest industry standards.

raster and vector graphics

Vector images are scalable, so one version of a design will always work for every iteration of a project. However, vector images cannot display photographs in a natural looking way, and vector formats are not as well supported online as are raster formats. When you are detecting resolution in any output device, what do you think is that the files own eternal specifications? Imagine that you are going to print a brochure that needs a background image including size of 8.5” ×11” inch.

How to Start Selling SVG Files on Etsy

Even when scaled to substantial proportions, this pattern below remains clean and exact. Elements like fonts render the same way—when sized up or down, they retain their quality. Due to their algorithmic makeup, vectors are infinitely scalable, and remain smooth and crisp even when sized up to massive dimensions. The developer, Tech Maven GeoSpatial LLC, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

raster and vector graphics

Our attention to detail and dedication to excellence set us apart in the industry. In particular, the specific format for mobile phones is called SVGT (SVG Tiny version). Vector graphics are based on the mathematics of analytic or coordinate geometry, and is not related to other mathematical uses raster and vector graphics difference of the term vector. This can lead to some confusion in disciplines in which both meanings are used. Common vector creation and editing programs include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and InkScape. The most popular raster editors are Photoshop (which has limited vector capabilities) and GIMP.

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I understand from prior knowledge that there are two different image format / composition options available for creating images; raster and vector. The word “raster” has its origins in the Latin rastrum (a rake), which is derived from radere (to scrape). The word rastrum is now used to refer to a device for drawing musical staff lines. Sharing your vector design in a raster format rather than a vector file ensures anyone can view the attached file. If you don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator and need a raster image converted over to vector, have no fear!