Vital Well-Being
For All

Vital Living is a global non-profit public charity created to empower individuals, educate practitioners and support the holistic health and well being of our community.

Upcoming June Gathering

Vital Living Gathering
June 19, 2022, 4-6pm

This month we focus on the benefits of
flow in all aspects of our life.

June Gathering:

Music with Kendyl
Prayer and Welcome with Lori
Pitta flow acceptance with Cory
Poem reading “The Ecstasy of Dirt” with Marcia
Movement and Music, Gongs, Drums, Yoga and Ecstatic Dance with the Vital Living team
Hydration Potluck and Farm Walk 
Please bring healthy hydrating foods to share (not processed or packaged please)
*Please note, the June gathering will be from 4-6pm.

*Please note the time change. Gatherings will now be 4-6pm! We appreciate your feedback on this time change as we do our best to adjust to community needs & schedules!

Created With Purpose

Empower people of all ages, by raising awareness, cultivating spiritual vitality and reconnecting them with their own vital force through the healing power of nature. 

Educate Vital Living Practitioners so they can share the creed and doctrine of Vital Living SO to others

Nurture the wholistic health and vital well-being of our communities

The Vital Living Doctrines:

Practice tolerance, validation, empathy, acceptance, compassion and love.

Do that which is TRUE while refraining from harm to self and others

Truth is self-determined

Respect and refrain from interfering with the truths of others

Respond with love in all situations

Practice tolerance for all spiritual paths regarding peaceful practices

Vital Tenets


Spirit connects us all, is accessible at all times, and is in all living things.


All spiritual paths can coexist in peace. We respect that every person has a birth right to choose their own spiritual path..


Prayer is a lifestyle. It is constant, direct communication with Spirit. Every thought and spoken word is a prayer creating our reality.


Vitalism is expressed as a “vital force” or “life force” which is the innate intelligence inherent in the patterns and processes of nature and all living organisms.


All living organisms are built on nature’s order and have the innate capacity to heal themselves.


Health is the natural state of living organisms and illness is an adaptive response to disturbances in function


The laws of nature are immutable, infallible and cannot be circumvented or improved upon.


Vitality is a function of how we harmonize with nature and cultivate the vital force on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Spirit, Nature and Vital Living reminds us to embrace humor, chaos, transformation and peace and allows us to find the beauty in everyday existence.

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