Vital Well-Being
For All

Vital Living is a global non-profit public charity created to empower individuals, educate practitioners and support the holistic health and well being of our community.

May Gathering:

Sunday, May 21st, 2023


Location: Anahulu Farms

Join us in person, or via livestream!

Please note the gathering time structure has changed! Our new time is 10:30am.

The first hour will be a welcome, blessing and interactive playshop. The second hour will be optional potluck & vital community sharing time.

We are looking forward to reaching more of our community!

May Gathering:

“Hawai’ian Culture”

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with Kendyl

Opening pule (prayer)

Ukulele Workshop
learning the chords and lyrics to Kawai Lehua

Hula participation

Closing circle and story sharing

Feel free to bring a yoga mat, and a poem or story to share!
Potluck and sharing time optional
$10 suggested donation

Please bring healthy vital foods to share if joining our potluck, Mahalo!

Vital Living Gathering at Anahulu Farms
62-203 Lokoea Place, Haleiwa.  

Lokoea Place is a short dead end street that starts at the Surf and Sea store on Kamehameha Highway just between Haleiwa beach park and the Rainbow bridge.You follow the road away from the ocean past the ‘Private Road’ signs (PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY as there are kids, dogs and peacocks at play) Continue over the 1st speed bump.  Then at the mailboxes follow road to the left over a 2nd speed bump.  Continue straight to a big rock that marks the bass of the property.  The main gate is on the right.  Enter here if the gate is open and find parking (there may be someone there to direct you). If this gate is closed or parking full continue up road past surfboard fence and park on the right by our 2nd gate and enter through the pedestrian gate there.  The event is held just inside that gate. 
You can call or text Tunji with questions at (808)636-1285.

Created With Purpose

Empower people of all ages, by raising awareness, cultivating spiritual vitality and reconnecting them with their own vital force through the healing power of nature. 

Educate Vital Living Practitioners so they can share the creed and doctrine of Vital Living SO to others

Nurture the wholistic health and vital well-being of our communities

The Vital Living Doctrines:

Practice tolerance, validation, empathy, acceptance, compassion and love.

Do that which is TRUE while refraining from harm to self and others

Truth is self-determined

Respect and refrain from interfering with the truths of others

Respond with love in all situations

Practice tolerance for all spiritual paths regarding peaceful practices

Vital Tenets


Spirit connects us all, is accessible at all times, and is in all living things.


All spiritual paths can coexist in peace. We respect that every person has a birth right to choose their own spiritual path..


Prayer is a lifestyle. It is constant, direct communication with Spirit. Every thought and spoken word is a prayer creating our reality.


Vitalism is expressed as a “vital force” or “life force” which is the innate intelligence inherent in the patterns and processes of nature and all living organisms.


All living organisms are built on nature’s order and have the innate capacity to heal themselves.


Health is the natural state of living organisms and illness is an adaptive response to disturbances in function


The laws of nature are immutable, infallible and cannot be circumvented or improved upon.


Vitality is a function of how we harmonize with nature and cultivate the vital force on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Spirit, Nature and Vital Living reminds us to embrace humor, chaos, transformation and peace and allows us to find the beauty in everyday existence.

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