Aloha friends!

We had an amazing gathering in February focusing on Balance. We explored the many dimensions of balance through alternate nostril breathing, body movement and even drumming! Some attendees were so excited about the drumming they’ve asked for more!
If you are interested in being involved in more drumming, please send us a note!

The intention for Vital Living’s March gathering is “nourish!”

How do we nourish ourselves, and what might we need to add to our current nourishment practices?

When I taught a series of classes on different aspects of health I would list the classes and everyone would rush to fill the detox class! The class on nourishment didn’t ever fill up. It was curious to me.

I realized that people were very aware about how many toxins there were in the world and that they absolutely needed to cleanse. However what they didn’t realize was the necessity of having a certain level of nourishment to cleanse effectively!

If we are deficient and don’t have the nourishment we need we can take all the cleansing supplements, do all the right things to detox and actually feel worse than when we started!

We must have enough energy to cleanse, so nourishing ourselves deeply is an important step in the detox process! Healthy whole balanced foods, regular eating intervals, peaceful uninterrupted sleep, supportive loving relationships, living creatively, increasing oxygen through exercise and breathing fully are just some of the many ways we nourish ourselves.

Ask yourself, what does this year’s model need?

A friend recently shared with me a metaphor which I really enjoyed. He said you know how “update” always keeps appearing on your phone or computer and you can just keep pushing them aside and say “remind me later?” Well, if you keep ignoring the updates, eventually your computer or phone stops functioning well. Essentially you’ve become obsolete; out of date.

The world keeps changing and we have to keep changing with it! What nourished us last year may be completely different from what we need this year for our 2022 model! Look deeply, explore and have fun!