by Sarah Daigle

Did you know that your home, your bedroom, your car and even your work desk can affect, and a lot of times reflect, the state of your mind?

And vice versa. Your mind can affect and be affected by the state of your daily environment.

For example, have you ever found yourself to be extremely busy without much time to organize or clean, only to discover that you’ve reached a point where you are losing things or are having to take extra time to find things?

Your schedule, workload or responsibility load is overactive, which can cause a busy mind (or vice versa) with no time to settle and rest, and therefore, your surroundings begin to reflect your state of mind.

Yet, who’s to say which came first? It is quite possible that simple laziness settled in, causing disorganization or messy surroundings, which can in turn cause a scattered / unclear mind.

Either way, it has proven itself to be true time and time again:

When I offer space and time to clean and organize, I find I can think more clearly and experience less stress.

And, when I offer space and time to rest and settle my mind (meditation, breath work, etc.), I feel like I have more energy and attention (and care) to apply to keeping my space organized and clean.

Because many of us have been brought up to appreciate instant gratification, I highly suggest starting with some Spring Cleaning and gifting a space in your home or workplace a nice energetic & physical pick-me-up and re-organization.

Turn on some good tunes and let yourself flow through the process rather than it being something that is ‘taking up your time’. I’m almost positive you will be satisfied with the results!

Another area that may need your attention is the files, photos and open windows in your phone and/or computer. When we have too many windows open (guilty!) and have too many junk files, photos, etc. saved into our gadgets, it can cause them to slow down or malfunction. Again, it’s the same with your brain and mind. Clear the clutter, re-organize and clear some space!

Here’s a little practice for You:

Close your eyes, claim a few deep breaths, and ask yourself, what area in your home are you avoiding? What area in your home is cluttered? What area needs your attention? Or is it your vehicle? Or your workspace?

Whatever comes up first, start with that. Gift yourself permission to let go of items you no longer use, no longer need or are useless altogether (trash). You can gift the items to those in need or simply throw them away if they are useless. Giving feels great too!

Lastly, I’m not sure if this helps, but I do my best to let go of things that I haven’t used in a years time. We tend to use things during different seasons (especially clothes), but if they don’t get used at all, chances are it’s taking up space that could be used for, well, space, or something new that you’ve been ‘needing’.

Try it out. I would love to hear about your results! Hopefully this practice helps you to feel lighter, clearer and more empowered!