July Vital Living gathering focuses on “Service.” As our Vital Livinggatherings evolve, our “Themes” build upon each other. December of 2021 was our first official gathering with the focus on “The Vis” which is the cornerstone of Vital Living SO, the healing power of nature. During the next six months, from January until June 2022 we explored change, balance, nourish, cleanse, rejuvenate and flow. Every moment things are changing and we continually balance our lives on all levels in order to be able to find peace and joy in the multitude of changes which come our way. To stay balanced it is essential, vital to our well-being that we nourish ourselves deeply, cleanse away what is no longer needed and then rejuventate, restore ourselves to youthful vigor, so we can be present and move gently with the flow of our lives! Now emersed in flow, perhaps we are ready for service!

What does service mean? What roles does service play in our lives? Who are we serving and why are we serving? Is the service for others, for ourselves, for both? The word “service” has been defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone,” “to be helpful or useful to someone,” “to repair, maintain or provide something for someone,” and “an act or use for which a consumer, firm or government is willing to pay.” Obviously there are many forms of service. All of them have their purpose. This month we are asking you to look deeply at service in your life. Awareness is the key! Next time you are in a service situation ask yourself, Is this in my flow? Does it balance, nourish and rejuvenate my life? Does it balance, nourish and rejuvenate others, the community, society as a whole? Why am I serving? Whom am I serving? Is it my calling? My passion? Am I serving to feel better about myself? For approval? To feel important? Questions bring us deeper awareness about our true nature and give us the opportunity to love ourselves without judgement.

How about selfless service? In Hinduism there is a Sanskrit word “seva,” which means “selfless service to others, performed without any expectation of result or reward, a complete dedication to other human beings or society.” In Sikhism “seva” also means “to worship, to adore, to pay homage through the act of love, performed without desire and intention and with humility, based on the belief that God is within all of us, thus by serving humanity we are serving God’s creation. We can ponder, is selfless service a part of my life?

When exploring service, let’s start with simply being alive! That in and of itself is a service! Then how about checking in to see if what else you are doing for service is working for you? We encourage you to explore other options and have included some examples of service oriented organizations that would love to have your service! We are also having a dig in the dirt farm service experience at this month’s gathering for those of you interested in providing services to our farm! Love to see you!