As we explore how we can better show up in and for our community, some essential contributions may be obvious.. Such as volunteering, fundraising, assisting neighbors, even just picking up opala on our walks.
All amazing AND don’t forget, the most powerful gift we can share is ourselves!Our individual talents, wisdom, passions, ideas & visions are completely unique and essential. We are meant to share US with our community & beyond.

Every one of us contributes & shines in a way that no one else can. Sharing our talents brings about a sense of connectness (+ encourages other to share theirs). And it is so much more powerful when we share from our passion & joy vs some sense of duty!

If you are finding it challenging to access your gifts & abilities you are not alone. We all struggle with this. Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering the “small” aspects & gifts that we overlook. Sometimes we need the insight of trusted friends & family. Most importantly we must  take time to reflect, remember & discover the expressions that bring the most fulfillment.

Here is a little journal excercise to help you contemplate ways to share a bit more of YOU.

What lights me up ?

List the things you most enjoy .. no matter how simple it may seem.

Your passions, activities, outlets, anything brings you joy !

What are my talents, gifts, abilities?

Don’t limit or analyze, just jot down any and every quality. Give yourself some praise.

What are my ideas, hopes & dreams for a brighter future?

In your own life , your  community and the 🌎?

How would I like share my passion, my talents, my wisdom & my ideas with others ?

Explore this with no limitations, how would you shar free of any perceived constraints of money, confidence, time etc.

Finally; Have a look at all your answers above. Consider how your talents, gifts, ideas could be applied to supply a need .. to educate, create, or innovate within your local or global community!

What do I feel is needed in my community ?

What have you felt is lacking or missing? What areas would you like to see improvement or expansion in your community?

How can you apply what you learned about your own capability to fill some need ? To share more of your light with others?  How can your talents etc assist and uplift community in some way?

Happy exploring! 🤍